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At Rooftop Real Estate Management, our tenants are our top priority. We strive to offer high-quality housing and service to everyone who chooses to live with us.

Each property we list is held to the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance. Before our tenants move in, we deep clean each property to ensure it is in rent-ready form. If a new tenant is dissatisfied with cleanliness or finds the property to be damaged upon arriving, our maintenance team will quickly resolve the problem.

Many apartment managers will hide the move-out requirements to make sure you do not get your full deposit back. On move-in day at Rooftop Real Estate Management, we offer each tenant an in-depth form listing the required steps to receive the full deposit because that is the right thing to do.

Although we love all of our tenants and our goal is to help you find rentals that will work for you, we understand that many of our tenants have the dream of home ownership and at Rooftop we support our tenants fulfilling that dream. Tenants don’t need to be scared to tell their landlord (at least this landlord) that they are thinking of purchasing a home. If you decide you’d like to take that big step, our in-house Realtor Angie Daw is available to help make that dream come true and will provide 10 man hours of moving services through Big Boy Movers (a $350.00 value) to any tenants that use her services to purchase their home to closing. We’ve also partnered with mortgage services who can help you get ready to take that step, or see if you are ready now. If you are interested in possibly purchasing a home in the future, click this button for more information.

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