marketing vacancies

At Rooftop we understand how to deal with vacancies better than anyone! We take pride in our comprehensive marketing strategy that contributes to our average vacancy rate of 3%.


“Our brand new 4-plex sat vacant for three months with a different property management firm. When we switched to go with Rooftop, they were able to rent the first unit within 1 month and within 2 months they rented the entire 4-plex! Rooftop was very proactive with advertisements and tenant incentives. I have been very happy with the service at rooftop!” — Sandy G.

Once we know your property is coming vacant, we get to work. We advertise our website in the newspaper to drive traffic to our vacancies and we list your property on our website. We also list properties on Craigslist, and many additional websites including Hot Pads, Vast, Trulia, Zillow and more. Finally, for old times’ sake, we stick a “For Rent” sign out front just to make sure we don’t miss anyone. And if we need to incur extra costs to make sure your property is rented quickly, we don’t nickel and dime you for it. We cover it.

Rather than charge hundreds of dollars in marketing costs per vacancy, like our competition, we charge a small marketing fee of only $5 per month. We don’t think you should have a huge marketing fee when your property is vacant and you’re hurting most. This small monthly fee is extremely affordable and easy to budget for.

Additionally, this minimal $5 per month marketing fee includes our online marketing strategy. We have partnered with a marketing firm that constantly monitors our Google rankings and optimizes them in the local market, increasing traffic to our website and exposure to your listings. Because online marketing is a huge source of potential tenants we work hard to make sure they will find our listings and fill vacancies quickly.

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