getting paid

At Rooftop, we take care of all the money transactions so you don’t have to. Our financial people are very committed and very skilled at what they do.

“Rooftop’s accounting practices and statements are the best I’ve seen…They are easy to understand and they separate out each property every month, so that there is no question how much profit and loss are on every one. I have ‘begged’ my property management firms in other states to get their software, to no avail. As a property owner, especially in another state it’s so important to ‘be in touch’ on paper.” — Charli H.

We collect the rent and deposits from the tenant and place the funds in a trust account. Tenants can pay rent and deposits via cash, check, money order, credit card or ACH bank transfers. In addition, they have the option to set up recurring ACH payments so they never have to worry about paying their rent on time. Tenants can also pay rent online anytime through our secure website.


We charge 10% of the rent or 8% of the rent plus $300 for NEW leases. There are no additional fees for inspections and no hidden costs. What is good for you is good for us— when you make money, we make money. You are also provided with fee statements via email or can access them anytime on our owner portal. If you have multiple properties, we offer volume discounts. Call us for details.


We post statements and process payments at the end of every month. Owners have the option of being paid electronically or by check. Owners are provided with a detailed electronic profit and loss statement of their accounting for the month. We also provide year-end profit and loss statements and 1099’s.


Management Fee Comparisons Rooftop RentalsOther Companies
Management Fees 10% 8-10%
Lease Renewal Fees $0 $135-$150
Leasing Fees $0 50% first month's rent
Setup Fees $0 $200
Marketing Fees $5/month $189-$250 per vacancy
Eviction Retainer Fee $5/month (optional) $600 per eviction
Annual Cost to Owner $1020 $1960 + evictions


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