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Whether you are looking for a home in the Boise valley or have a property that you need help filling, we're here for you. 

Rentals in and near Boise, ID

If you are searching for apartments or houses for rent in Boise, we want to help. The team at Rooftop Real Estate Management is filled with locals whose only goal is to help current and future Boise residents find affordable, well-maintained housing.

All of the Boise apartments listed by Rooftop Real Estate Management are held to the highest standards, and our team of real-estate experts and maintenance professionals in Boise work tirelessly to ensure you love your time spent with Rooftop Real Estate Management. If you and your family are looking for houses for rent in Boise, we can help you find some of the best homes available on the rental market.

In addition to great properties, Rooftop Real Estate Management is proud to offer additional benefits. To learn more about renter benefits, click here.

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Property Management

Rooftop Real Estate Management is the leading Boise property management company owners can trust, and we know how to get your rental properties filled.

boise property management

Our highly trained real-estate team in Boise features experienced advertisers and marketers dedicated to highlighting your property and making sure it is filled, which makes you money.

Additional property management services we offer include:

  • We are available days, nights, and weekends to personally show your property to prospective tenants
  • We ensure each applicant is thoroughly screened using national and state background checks, eviction database searches, criminal history reports and a full credit report including payment histories of all accounts.
  • We will collect deposits and rents to save you time
  • We ensure your property is properly maintained and any problems will be quickly repaired by our full-time maintenance team.

In order to exceed your expectations, we will do more than provide just the basic Boise property management services. In addition to the services you expect, our management, leasing, marketing, and eviction retainer fees are very low.

Rooftop Real Estate Management has you covered!

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